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Ecological wooden door is very suitable for the use of residential environment

2020-02-25 11:18:06


The environmental protection natural characteristics of ecological wooden doors have attracted wide attention the high-income class. Natural wood the forest is used as the door core, which is processed by degreasing drying, then scientifically processed through the processes of cutting, smoothing, tenoning, drilling, high-speed washing. Made.

The structure of the ecological wooden door is mainly the tenon connection of the door frame, the door core board is inlaid, which is a middle high-end product. Its characteristic is that the internal external materials are consistent. Ecological wooden doors are better than other materials in terms of green, environmental protection, grade effect. Unique design, so that every detail can chew a rich cultural charm. Then, choose the hardware that matches the quality of the door, so that the hardware plays the finishing touch, the indoor environment is vivid intimate. The ecological wooden door is no longer a simple product that can be used by people to switch, but also a handicraft, an aesthetic point of view, a fraternity carrier, a symbol of freedom, an ideal lifestyle life The realm carries the owner's culture conveys the owner's information values. There are also several outstanding characteristics of ecological wooden doors: full of aesthetic characteristics; good economic performance; selection of suitable processing technology; convenient efficient installation use; recycling, etc., so that the product can be used good to good. The taste is healthy environmentally friendly.

 "Ecological wooden door" should be an element in "ecological home". In this sense, ecological wooden door should pay attention to ecology, pay attention to the harmony between man nature, should be a humanistic product. Ecological solid wood door should be better than the commonly seen solid wood Doors composite doors have more social connotations in them. Ecological wooden doors completely abandon the shortcomings of old ecological wooden doors. only are frosted doors, embossed doors, art stickers doors, even leather decorative doors, they have different styles distinctive characteristics, which can be satisfied. The preferences of different people. The structure of the door core inside the ecological wooden door is now made of aluminum honeycomb. The aluminum honeycomb is made of high-performance aluminum. It is a high-end material. Because the honeycomb is very strong, the whole person stands on the aluminum honeycomb. The aluminum honeycomb will stay, so it can be prevented being deformed. In addition, the aluminum honeycomb also has better sound insulation, moisture resistance, fire prevention other functions. In addition, the ecological wooden door facade material is an important factor for ecological wooden door ecological environmental protection, although different Of companies use different materials, but all meet the E1 E0 standards required by the state, so that It can guarantee the standard of human health, ecological environmental protection.

The ecological wooden door has the characteristics of soft texture, good sound insulation performance, natural color, simple texture, environmental protection, high grade. It is very suitable for the use of the living environment can better decorate your living environment.

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