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What kind of choices are there for solid wood stair handrails when customizing double staircases

2020-02-25 11:12:06

What kind of choices are there for solid wood stair handrails when customizing double staircases

When decorating houses such as villas duplex buildings, stair handrail planning is required. There are many materials used for stair handrails, including solid wood, glass, stainless steel, marble iron products. Which material is good for stair handrail? In fact, which stair handrail material is used depends on the overall style of the room. Therefore, the selection of double stair handrails needs to be selected according to the interior decoration style.

1. Solid wood stair handrail

Stairs made of solid wood are a kind of market share. The first reason customers love is the warmth of the wood itself, coupled with the simple matching of floor materials interior colors, the relatively simple construction. One of the materials. Solid wood stairs are generally suitable for use in villas large duplex buildings. Most of them use European style classic style. The material itself is natural warm, which can give people a sense of luxury atmosphere at some times.

2. Steel + solid wood stair handrail

Steel + solid wood stair handrail is a combination of steel wood, is a very cost-effective material. This kind of stair handrail generally selects oak solid wood as the main material handrail parts, the railing is made of steel. The shape is relatively flexible diverse, the scale of application is relatively wide. This staircase combines the fashion sense of wood with warm warm steel materials. It is beautiful has high practicality at the same time. It is a sturdy durable product that is easy to protect cost-effective.

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