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Caring for customers

"Customer first" is the core of Sanli Hongxin's values. In order to meet the needs of customers  thank the customers for their dependence, Sanli Hongxin advocates the whole system of service, integrates design  R & D, production, sales  service,  transforms  passive service to active care. Customers first, take the initiative to exceed expectations,  take the initiative to win word of mouth.

Heart partner

Treating partners with cooperation  seeking win-win interaction. Distributors are the bridge  link between Sanli Hongxin  consumers,  Sanli Hongxin's high-quality products are passed to thousands of households through them. While developing the enterprise itself, we sincerely give our partners the power of support to create greater social value through cooperation.

Respect employees

Employees are the cornerstone of enterprise development. The company respects the corporate culture of "responsibility, mutual assistance, gratitude,  development",  encourages employees to take a proactive  enterprising spirit at all sites of R & D, production, sales,  service. Accumulation of ideas, hone technology, cooperation with each other,  jointly improve the quality of work,  ultimately become an important force in manufacturing  innovation.



★> Corporate culture: excellence, casting quality, accomplishing others  self.

★> Business philosophy: people-oriented, innovation as the source, quality first.

★> Sense of mission: to provide customers with first-class household products  services, create benefits for the enterprise, seek benefits for employees,  contribute to society, a win-win goal.

★> Service tenet: Sell reputation first, then sell products, make every detail carefully.

★> Development goal: To become China's top custom furniture manufacturer.

★> Brand promotion: Home is warm, Sanli Hongxin.

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