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About Sanli Hongxin


       Panjin Chengzhe Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is an enterprise focused on the production  research  development of high-end log custom products. The company's "Sanli Hongxin" brand was established in Beijing in 2002. Its design  production of "Sanli Hongxin" brand solid wood stairs are  China One of the founding brands in the solid wood staircase industry. 


Sanli Hongxin offers you high-end solid wood whole house


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Professional designers can provide customers with free measurement design services

We have the most complete wood types for customers to choose

Product styles types are relatively rich

More than ten years of experience in manufacturing service of staircases wood furniture, can provide corresponding solutions for different needs of different customers, can also provide special customized services

Factory direct sales form a reasonable price advantage

A good after-sales service

Personalized customized service, no matter in any city in the country, we can provide product processing

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